Case Results


  • $500,000.00 for a 64 year old security guard who stepped into an 18 inch hole suffering serious injuries to both ankles requiring multiple surgeries which included fusing one ankle and inserting implant into the other (in addition, Workers’ Compensation Lien of $341,000.00 was waived) (August, 2014);
  • $250,000.00 (maximum insurance coverages available) plus $25,000.00 in medical benefits payments for a 64 year old unemployed man who suffered serious injuries while a front seat passenger in a vehicle struck head on by an impaired driver (June 2014);
  • $182,000.00 for a 24 year old unemployed baker's assistant and single parent who was struck in her right wrist and forearm by a roofing shovel thrown from the top of a 3 story building, causing complex regional pain syndrome, requiring $34,600.00 in treatment expenses (June 2014);
  • $52,500.00 for a 69 year old woman bitten by a dog on her left calf, requiring surgery, $5,310.30 in medical expenses, and leaving the client with a several inch indented scar on her left calf (February 2014);
  • $110,000.00 Arbitration Award for a 42 year old Forest Service Firefighter for permanent headaches, right shoulder, arm and neck pain (6% permanent impairment) having $12,526.00 in medical expenses, who was a back seat passenger in a van struck in the rear by another vehicle (June 2014);
  • $75,000.00 for a 39 year old laundry worker for permanent low back injuries (5% permanent impairment) suffered in low speed rear impact car crash (June 2010);
  • $590,000.00 for a 47 year old auto mechanic and his wife (loss of marital services claim) whose car was struck by speeding news delivery van, and whose injuries included left femoral and knee fractures requiring bone grafting and multiple surgeries, torn left knee ligament, left calf deep vein thrombosis with nose, left big toe and left finger fractures with scarring (January 2010);
  • $155,000.00 for a 29 year old mother and jewelry maker who was rear seat passenger in single car rollover having $21,630.00 in medical expenses for treatment of neck injuries (5% permanent impairment) and TMJ/jaw injuries (3% permanent impairment) (December 2009);
  • $85,000.00 for a 50 year old auto repair shop owner for right knee fracture (5% permanent impairment) when truck turned suddenly in front of his bicycle (August 2009);
  • $135,000.00 for a 48 year old electrician who suffered multiple lower leg fractures (4% permanent impairment) with $22,889.00 lost earnings and benefits after his motorcycle was struck by a car in a supermarket parking lot (July 2009);
  • $60,000.00 for a 35 year old school teacher with left foot injuries including 5th toe fracture and nerve damage requiring surgery and $9,000.00 in medical expenses and resulting in 7% permanent impairment (January 2009);
  • $80,000.00 for a 51 year old construction foreman whose pickup truck was struck by a town snowplow resulting in torn left knee ligaments and right knee fracture with 7% permanent impairment and $6,415.00 in treatment costs (April 2006);
  • $75,000.00 for a 51 year old unemployed mechanic suffering low back disc injuries in head on collision (January 2006);
  • $55,000.00 for a 43 year old retired investment banker thrown from his motorcycle when avoiding dog in roadway, suffering fractures of both elbows with 13% permanent impairment from right elbow injuries (November 2005).

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